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Highly trained, qualified and motivated, everyone in the Nass Scafform team shares a common commitment to achieving the highest levels of quality, safety and customer service which, we consider, differentiates us from our competitors

Skilled and experienced, with qualification recognised by the UK and adapted internationally by the oil, gas petrochemical and construction industries, Nass Scafform team has played a major role in our success to date.

As our most valuable asset, we place great importance on the development and motivation of our people, with a substantial annual investment in staff training, both on and off the job.

Regular training programmes provide advice and guidance on all aspects of quality and safety, as well as providing staff with the opportunity to enhance their technical, professional and communications skills.

At Nass Scafform, everyone is provided with the relevant tools, equipment and technology necessary for them to carry out their roles in a professional and productive manner.

Our Office Team is an integral part of our processes and procedures, which are continually updated to meet any Client's specific requirements.

Design Expertise

Our in-house design team can provide both engineering and technical assistance as part of any total package, commencing at the pre-bid stage and continuing through to completion of the project, ensuring full compliance with client specifications. A bespoke design service is also

Logistical Capabilities

With a workforce of almost 1300 people and a significant inventory of materials, transport and equipment located throughout the Gulf, Nass Scafform is well placed to respond quickly and efficiently to any project within the GCC.

Aspects of Safety

The Nass Scafform safety manual forms the basis of the Company's safe working practices and ensures the highest standards of health and safety, not just for our own employees, but also for those of our clients and fellow contractors.


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